Friday, August 25, 2006

Projects... projects.. and more projects!

I was writing a list of all the knitting, crocheting or quilting projects I have yet to do and was a bit astonished that I had that many left to do by Christmas.


Wrap style sweater for my best-friend Martha
Baby sweater ( which has really turned out to be a toddler sweater) for Molly her brand spanking new darling daughter!
VW cap for John her husband
Cardigan for Grandma Dottie ( Martha's grandma - whom I've know since I was 8 years old!)
A Dr Who scarf for Jim, Marthas dad
A halter top for my friend Michelle, who happens to be Martha younger sister

Oh, and I can't forget myself. I have atleast 2 scarves in the works and a pull over sweater and then there's the cardigan I need help resizing the pattern and a corset pattern I saw on Knitty Gritty by Anne Modisett that was to-die-for cute.

Rastafarian hat for my husband Lyle - who is a football fan so it has to be the Philidelphia Eagles colors

A bag I keep meaning to finish so I can felt it.

Crocheting projects:

Husky blanket in bright purple and gold, on a p hook 2 strands together half-double and single crochet
Another blanket - same pattern but a variety of different worsted weight yarn. We have another blanket similar to this one but it isn't quite large enough for the two of us and our 3 cats.. so I get to make another one.
5 scarves to weave the ends in and fringe
2 hats to weave ends in and spif up

I can't forget the quilting projects.. whew... I fell in love with Amy Butlers fabric last year and spent somewhere in the neighborhood of 750.00 on just her fabric in the period of 3-4 months. To some people that doesn't seem like a lot.. but to me it was huge. I then completed 5 quilts over the coarse of 4.5 months during the fall and gave myself a bad case of carple tunnel and nerve compression in my shoulders. I haven't quilted since. I really need to start again. I have too many potential quilt/pillow/shower curtains started. The whole crocheting/knitting habit was taken up after I paused in my quilting obsession.

okay.. so I think that's the end of the list. I have to think more... argh... what a thought!

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