Friday, August 29, 2008


Here are some pictures from the Spring and Summer of '08.

Alpacapalooza .... this Alpaca was very friendly.

The baby sweater I made for a co-workers 2nd baby. I used Duet yarn from a swell yarn shop.

At the beach in March '08

Mother In Law on Mothers Day starting her new lawn mower. I'm glad she likes useful gifts!

Lyle saying hello to Dottie. Dottie is 93 this year and is Molly's great grandma. Hasn't Molly grown so much?!

Catch-up, or Ketchup?

Pretent is June 30th 2008

Catch-up, or Ketchup?

Yes, I've been a bad blogger. Or should I say I've just become very inconsistant? Eh, life happens..

So, since I last posted, I went to the beach over the weekend ( 4/12&13) with some friends.. Had a great time. Got a bad sunburn too. It never occurred to me that my eyes could feel sunburned.
That was the starting point of my pneumonia. I had a little bit of chest irritation/rattling that weekend and over the next week it rapidly developed into full blown pneumonia. I ended up being out of work for about 2 weeks. I wasn't fully well until early June then came down with a cold and adult onset allergies!! Go figure! This spring was pretty miserable for me in some respects but quite nice in others.

I've been out to see 3 movies with two of my friends (Iliauxh & Rhonda): Maid of Honor, Prince Caspian ( 2nd Narnia movie), & Wanted ( Angilina Jolie). I liked all of them. I hope to see a few more before the summer is over. My plan is to see Wall*E & Hancock.

I've knit a few items, all small items. A hat and matching sweater for a co-worker who is due in early August, a headband thingy out of some handspun I picked up during the Yarn Crawl this year. It’s a lovely blue shaded skein from SpinCycle Yarn from Bellingham Wa.

I've also been to Yellowstone National Park. I spent just over a week there in the middle of June. It was a ton of fun! If I could live in the park I certainly would. I have to say the Lamar Valley & Hayden Valley are my favorite locals in the part.

Now that we're all caught up.. Lets hope I can do this a bit more often!

Bedrooms and stuff -really a post written 3-25-08

Pretend its really March 25th.

Sleeping… that's what most people use their bedrooms for.

What a waste of space. Last night when I was rearranging and moving around furniture in our 2ND bedroom/office/craft room. Lyle came in and said that he had this wacky idea of moving our queen sized bed into the tiny 2ND bedroom and turning our bedroom into the computer-craft room. At first this idea seemed rather strange. However, upon thinking about it a bit more, it makes a lot of sense. We rarely ever spend time in the bedroom unless we're sleeping or getting read to go to sleep etc. We do have a 2ND TV in there, but use it perhaps 1-2 times a month.

So, here's the plan for the warmer months of the year. We'll move our bed into the smaller room and get a bracket to hold our TV near the ceiling and get two small end tables. We will remove the door to the closet in that room and use a curtain to cover the opening. This gives us another 2ish feet of wall space if we don't have to worry about that door. I think I may paint it a nice periwinkle blue. I'm sort of feeling a bit shabby chic meets Heather Bailey. Check out her site, I have yet to purchase any of her fabric, however, I do love her photo's and her decorating. While I'm at it, I think I'll add crown moulding too. He he he, Lyle doesn't know what he got himself into with this!

The new craft room: All of our clothes will stay in the larger room as it has a very large closet and the space for a dresser. The new craft room will be set up with a table that I can use to sew/cut fabric on and have my knitting machine out and ready to go. We'll install shelving and paint it.

*Update- 8.29.08 - we've moved the bed and small side tables into the small room and I just love it. We haven't pained or added anything. There really isn't the room for anything else. I still hope to add moulding and a new paint color. *