Saturday, November 11, 2006

Spinning, socks, a red sweater, and Noro Oh My!

So, I've been lazy these past few weeks. I had a few small projects to get done and gifted ( a green beabie for my husband lyle and a Noro scarf for a friend who watched my cats when we were on vacation) and decide on my next big project.

I still need to get the yarn for the DR who Holiday scarf I'm commited to making, a black hat that's 3 months overdue .. no wait those are my only two projects I have to make by Xmas! Yippee.. now I can really begin on that red sweater I've been meaning to make! I've got a few patterns I'm interested in and a few types of yarn. I can't decide which to use. So, I'll sit on that a few more days and then make a decision.

Since I was gifted with a drop spindle I decided to check out our lys for classes. It happens that there is on on Nov. 12th that I've got a place in. I am sooooo excited to learn how to spin! I also have a discount coupon to use at the same store.

I still have yet to post pics of the fingerless gloves and hat I made on vacation so I'll get to that shortly. Look for a link to flikr soon!

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Secret Pal said...

I'm excited to see how the spinning goes - can't wait to see photos.

Care to share what options you're considering for the red sweater? I'm hoping to make a couple of sweaters myself this winter.