Thursday, March 22, 2007

Promised new pictures, Molly and knitted goodness!

This darling kitty is Simon. A month or so ago, this rather large cat tore his back left ACL and was in pain for a while. It's finally healed enough that he rarely ever limps so we know he's doing better. In any case, he really enjoys laying on his back in my husbands lap while he's in the recliner.
This was where we spent part of our Valentines day. It's great little beach park called Golden Gardens. It was quite grey outside and it did eventually rain. Take a look at the trees though. In the next picture you'll see several just roosting together in a tree.
Molly from about a month ago. She loves to gum anything she can get near her mouth. This time it happened to be her Dad's wine glass.. then her ducky! This is the cutest little dog sweater my good friend Susan made for her future daughter-in-law's tiny doggie!

This picture of Molly and her Grandma Sandy was taken in early March.
Here's Molly-moo and her Mama Martha at a local pub celebrating our new condo by buying dinner for Lyle and me.

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Mary Heather said...

Congrats on your condo! What fun you will have decorating!