Thursday, March 22, 2007

Updates! I've been a bad blogger.. but with good reason!

** Pictures to be uploaded sometime tonight **

I have been a very bad blogger. I haven't updated my site for quite a while due to real life issues. My husband I and I bought a condo, it's our first place that we've owned together. It's a 2 bd 1 ba place. It's located in a complex that is on the small side, yet is cared for very well. All of the buildings are in great condition and the grounds are park-like. Our's is a ground floor unit with access to a lovely lawn area that then backs up to a stand of mature trees and a stream. I'm just so in love with the complex! We also have a small area near the entry way that we're able to add our personal touch with garden statues etc.

On to knitting news, I've been working on Glee - it's that red alpaca sweater I started many months ago. It's moving along nicely. I need to try it on now and see if I have to make any adjustments. I've also picked up another project that is something I just threw together. It's a center out square shawl, made from kool-aid dyed alpaca.

I am currently lusting after more of the Barefoot and Weavers Wool: Mountain Colors yarn and the thicker Sea Silk that has now come out from HandMaiden. I finished the green shawl made from the mill ends of MT Colors I picked up at Madrona a few weeks back but have yet to wear it. I think I need to undo the bind off edge and add a few more rows then use a different bind off as the one I used is too tight.

I also found the perfect colors for my new place too. I had been thinking of what colors to use and found some wll colors in the new Pottery Barn Catalog. They're using Benjamin Moore paint and show the color number etc. To add to that pallate that I found, Louet Gems Opal yarn in colors Caribou, Mustard, Willow, Aqua & Terra Cotta I'm going to buy some of this yarn and make a few pillows with it. I plan on matching a few other accessories with them as well. They aren't too femine or boyish. As long as I don't go 'PINK' my husband will be okay. In his words 'it's okay for *that* tree to be pink' - he's of course referring to the large quanity of flowering cherry trees in our area right now.

I've really been good about not buying any yarn or related items these past two months with the whole condo thing going on. But I really *need* to buy LaceStyle, Arctic Lace, and Folk Shawls. I think I'll make some shawls etc to use as decorative items around the new condo as I just don't see myself wearing some of the styles I really want to make. They're just so darned beautiful and my fingers are itching to make a few of the shawls I've seen both online and in books!

I think I'm ready to actually work with the Sea Silk I purchased a while back as well.

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