Friday, July 20, 2007

Cute new jacket!

If you're a Nordstrom shopper you know what I mean when I say "Anniversary Sale". This is a preseason( for fall fashion) event where they sell items for fall, during the summer when you really wouldn't be wearing them. I picked up a pair of jeans that I can wear now, and a fab little jacket in brown/grey and orange plaid. It's cropped with the cutest wide neck opening, wrist length belle like sleeves, and fabric cover buttons! Since the material irritates my neck I'll have to wear a mock or turtleneck with it at all times. The shorter than average sleeves are meant to show off the long sleeves of the top you're wearing under it.
All in all, it was an early birthday present to myself. It's something I like the style of and…. I can wear it to work! Now I just have to buy a few tops to wear under it *grin*

Oh, and get this they're selling a knit from the top down circular yoked sweater with a pretty ribbed pattern for like 60.00. I saw this and was not interested in buying it because I *know* I could make it. I plan on visiting the store on Monday afternoon to snap a few pictures of it for reference. I'd like to make it out of cotton fleece.

We've also ordered a few things from lately. I can't wait for all the packages to arrive. I see 3-4 charges on our credit card and they're probably all for me!! Whoo-hoo!. I'm pretty sure they all books to! I decided this was the year for knitting/craft books so we'll see how many I receive this time!

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