Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's been a while... Blue Moon Fiber Arts & Molly

I haven't blogged in a while as some of you may have noticed. To make along story short, I had some disappointing news that hurt me and I found that I should refrain from blogging as I didn't want to call people names etc. So, to keep things from escalating, I stopped blogging for a while.

Here is what has been happening with me knit-wise and new Molly pictures. Since she such a j0y in my life, I'll begin with her.
The green and white hat is the newest of knitted items I've made for her. Below is the inspiration for a new sweater I am going to make for myself and the yarn I've dyed for it and a picture of the main body yarn. It's Louet Gems in fern green. The original was found over a year ago on someones blog and for the life of me I can't find my notes as to where I got it from. I remember it was made from left over sock yarn for an infant. I fell in love with the color combination and had to have something similar.

This past weekend I went to Oregon to take part in the destashing sale that Blue Moon Fiber Arts was hosting with two friends Rhonda & Ialiuxh. It was held at a lovely B&B in Scappose Oregon called the Scappose Creek Inn . It was about 3 hours from Seattle, NE from Portland, along the river. We had such a nice time we plan on making a few other yarn excursions together.

They had chickens roaming the property and Llamas corralled for us to feed. I just snapped a few shots of them. The sale was held in a Red Barn like structure that is set up for events, such as weddings and their receptions. I enjoyed myself so much that I hope to take a trip back here with Lyle sometime in the future.

The line outside just before they let us in and me, with my first haul of yarn prior to my reality check.

It's too bad I didn't get any photos of what the racks looked like before people began snatching yanks of yarn from the hooks, it was truly impressive!

Bare racks..
My yarn haul: 10 skeins work of sock goodness! I plan on giving 1 skein away as a gift to a fellow knitter I used to work with. With the change in jobs back in May I haven't seen much of her. We try to get together outside of work but with our busy schedules it hasn't been easy. I'm hoping this gift will convert her to a Socks that Rock groupie!

*smile* Her skein is covered by one of mine! I know she looks at the blog and I want it to truly be a surprise!

This is the first pair of socks I've ever completed. They're Toe-Up with an afterthought heel, also made from Socks that Rock. This was a purchase from Madrona in January 2007.

Lyle's pair is made from Duet Sock yarn( purple and yellow, kinda UW colors ), sold by A Swell Yarn shop. I happen to have the owner and creative genius, Angie, as part of my weekly knit group, RentonStitchers.

The 3rd pair is in the colorway Chicabiddy from the stash sale. It's a lovely combination of yellow, pinks, red, and cream.

ta ta...


Chris said...

ooh! ooh, where do I start??
Gorgeous colours for that pretty cardi, I SO want one my size! I'll definitely have to store that one in the memory banks for a future design from scratch.

You looked like you had a ball at the sale and what a pretty setting! And all that yarn! What a wonderful selection of colours, you lucky thing! (and I'm even luckier 'cos you got some for me!).

And pretty colours on those socks, great to see you've been getting some knitting done, you've a few months of sock yarn knitting lined up there. I'm so glad you had a lovely time.


emicat said...

w0w, you did some major shopping! :) It sounds like you had a great time. I've yet to own any STR, but I hope to change that when Madrona comes around (if they're a vendor anyway). I love the cardigan - beautiful beautiful colours!!!

Rhonda said...

Mmmm! What lovely yarn you dyed for your cardigan. We need to get start on our KAL, huh? I still need to swatch up.

I really had a great time on our yarn excursion. Can't wait to hit some more stores soon!

Lyle's socks are really coming along. He doesn't know about the new set your working on right?!? ;)