Friday, August 29, 2008

Catch-up, or Ketchup?

Pretent is June 30th 2008

Catch-up, or Ketchup?

Yes, I've been a bad blogger. Or should I say I've just become very inconsistant? Eh, life happens..

So, since I last posted, I went to the beach over the weekend ( 4/12&13) with some friends.. Had a great time. Got a bad sunburn too. It never occurred to me that my eyes could feel sunburned.
That was the starting point of my pneumonia. I had a little bit of chest irritation/rattling that weekend and over the next week it rapidly developed into full blown pneumonia. I ended up being out of work for about 2 weeks. I wasn't fully well until early June then came down with a cold and adult onset allergies!! Go figure! This spring was pretty miserable for me in some respects but quite nice in others.

I've been out to see 3 movies with two of my friends (Iliauxh & Rhonda): Maid of Honor, Prince Caspian ( 2nd Narnia movie), & Wanted ( Angilina Jolie). I liked all of them. I hope to see a few more before the summer is over. My plan is to see Wall*E & Hancock.

I've knit a few items, all small items. A hat and matching sweater for a co-worker who is due in early August, a headband thingy out of some handspun I picked up during the Yarn Crawl this year. It’s a lovely blue shaded skein from SpinCycle Yarn from Bellingham Wa.

I've also been to Yellowstone National Park. I spent just over a week there in the middle of June. It was a ton of fun! If I could live in the park I certainly would. I have to say the Lamar Valley & Hayden Valley are my favorite locals in the part.

Now that we're all caught up.. Lets hope I can do this a bit more often!

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