Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival

A good friend and I spent 2 days in Oregon this past weekend. We stayed at this lovely B&B called the Anna Becke House. I fell in love with the bed! I never would have thought I'd like all the girlie prints and flowers, but I did. If I had a slightly larger bedroom I'd find a bed frame that was similar.
We arrived early enough in the day Friday to unpack then drive into Portland to visit Yarnia. If you haven't been there, its a fun way to design yarn. I put together a 3 stranded burgundy yarn w/a dark gray thread of silk.
This is the lovely owner and the machine she uses to make the special yarn blends.
Mine was bamboo, rayon & silk.
The main reason we went on the trip was to go to OFF. It more than met my expectations for vendors, people and animals. next year we're going to bring a 3rd person so we can set up a picnic blanket along with food and our spinning wheels in the center of the green. I found this vest knit in once piece at a booth that was just so cute. I intend to make one similar. With some millends from Mountain Colors that I've purchased at other events.

While at OFF I purchased some fiber from Klaus from Crown Mt, 1 skein of the black angora/merino from Toots Leblanc and some wool/silk at BlueMoon. I think I'll make a cardigan from it. The fiber will be spun up and knit into a shawl.

I also found this cute booth by MissPurl on etsy that had a ton of cute stitch markers with coordiating little tins.

I spent a short while looking at the animals on display and thought this one was a darling! Isn't this the cutest little goat?

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Danielle said...

AHHH. Thank You!

I love your set of stitch markers. Some just stick with you.

There were so many amazing things at OFF I can't wait to go back again. The fiber...the yarn...the animals.