Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yellowstone vacation pictures - 6-12/20-08

The first leg of out trip was to MT so I could visit the home of Mountain Colors. I really enjoy working with their yarn.

Shelves of undyed yarn. It hasn't been washed or preped yet.

Once the yarn is washed and prepared it is counted for the particular order and then layed out on a stainless steel countertop and dyed. The shelves above the yarn have squeeze bottles of dye. Each color has a few bottles. Each colorway has, if I remember correctly, 6-9 colors each. The dyers take a bottle which is numbered from the shelf and then dye all the yarn in a row with that color. The next person takes the 2nd bottle of dye and walks along behind the 1st dyer applying the dye to the yarn. This process continues until each of the colors for the colorway have been used.

Close up of the countertop.

After the dye has been applied, the yarn is placed in steamer tubs (electric chafing dishes with steamer inserts). I think they had about 30 of them around the room.

Just inside the entryway of the shop are cubbyholes of yarn. They do not have the types of yarn separated. They organize their yarn by colorway. Within each cubbyhole you could find 5 or more types of yarn.

One of my favorite areas was where their mill ends were located. They had more of their sock yarn than other types. I cam home with this batch:

I came home with two batches of yarn, Weavers Wool, in 2 color families for my two buddies, Rhonda and Ialiuxh. For myself I purchased two hanks of the colorway Yellowstone, in Weavers Wool. I also purchased some mill ends of their 3-ply bulky and enough Weavers Wool Millends in a light blue for myself.

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Mary Heather said...

How neat! I didn't know that there was a place where you could go and visit yarn in it's natural habitat! I hope to go to Yellowstone some day so i'll definitely have to put this on the list!