Monday, September 04, 2006

100 things about me, okay only 50 so far! I'll add more!

1. I spent the first 17 years of my life in the Bay Area ( SF/San Jose/Cupertino Ca), but I feel I didn't grown up until I moved to Seattle Wa in 1993.
2. I have 3 cats, Kiki, Simon, and L'il Bitty, and 1 husband, Lyle.
3. I hate Apartment living.
4. I have plans for what I'd do it I won 25Million dollars. Yes, I actually think about this a few times a week!
5. I feel everyone should have some hobby or "work" that produces a tangible item.
6. I like having "stuff" though so many people say its a "freeing experience" to live with less clutter.
7. I don't have a drivers license. Hey, I live on a good bus route.
8. I really enjoy gandening, but have no luck with it on my balcony. House plants do very well in my hands.
9. I've been to Canada, Hawaii, Oregon, Idaho, Neveda, Utah, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Texas - most of those just on a layover between flights!
10. I love, love, love to read. ( Mostly Scifi, Historical Fiction, Romance, Fantasy)
11. If I could have a part time job that I'd love, it would be home remodeling/demolition/decorating.
12. I quilt, knit, crochet and sometimes scrap book.
13. I can't imagine living far from the Ocean.
14. It took me 30 years to discover what a really good beach was like. I never realy understood why people just loved the beach until I visited the Oregon coast. There I found the brilliant golden/creamy sands. When I visited Hawaii, it was 2 months after a hurricane and the beaches were awful!
15. My middle name is Michelle
16. I like watching football ( sometimes ) Okay, as long as I have a knitting/crocheting project to work on at the same time.
17. I love to vaccume!
18. I recently discovered a passion for Indian food.
19. I may never have childern as I'm too selfish and don't think I could handle the responsibility! Though, I love being Auntie to my best friends new baby Molly.
20. I can eat just a few bites of my favorite pint of HaggenDaz Coffee Ice cream and then put it back in the freezer.
21. I preferr fountain drinks to bottled or canned. It's the crushed ice I think.
22. I had some gray hair at age 13.
23. I keeping telling myself I don't like pink but I have too many pink items in my closets to really make that a true statement.
24. Orson Scott Card is one of my favorite authors.
25. I like milk and dark chocolate.
26. I really hate the smell of peanuts on anyones breath but I love peanut butter and peanuts, go figure.
27. I'll drink milk a few days past the expiration date.
28. I love the smell of real roses but hate the fake sent that is used in so many products to smell like roses. Icky!
29. My favorite sents are Crabtree & Evelyn "Savannah Gardens" and Kneipp Body oil or shower gel "Ylang-yalng".
30. My favorite tea is Earl Grey. I always sniff the packet of tea before putting it in water! The bergmont scent is increditble! I enjoy a good green tea every so often too.
31. I think that everyone should have a lavender plant in their garden.
32. I have a Creative Zen Xtra 30gb MP3 player that I use daily. ( work alone in the evening so I need entertainment)
33. I think that stores/places that don't take debit cards are crappy and should be closed!!!!
34. People who hurt animals/children should be shot!
35. Just about everyone should have their eybrown shaped.
36. I can curl my tounge into a tube.
37. I have pierced ears and used to have a pierced nose. ( had to take it out for work).
38. I want to get a tatoo someday.
39. I watch every home decorating/remodling show I can. I have TIVO
40. I enjoy Micro-brew beer. Mass produced beer is terrible!
41. I enjoy looking at pretty clothes and accessories but I usually prefer simple items. I'm not in to "bling". I really appreciate the detail work and precision that goes into hand crafting.
42. The only time I've been scuba diving was in a pool on Maui. We never did make it into the ocean.
43. I think Vancouver BC & Portland Or are some of the most beautiful cities in the world. If I could move to either I would.
44. I like dogs, but am I cat person.
45. I own slippers with a rabbit fur puff ball on them. The cats really like those!
46. I have a fabric addition. I have over 30 yards sitting in my closet for no other reason than because it looks pretty!
47. I used to play online games for 10 hours at a time.
48. I use only Philosophy face products.
49. I am the picture queen of my circle of friends. I always have my digital camera with me!
50. I shop for Christmas all year long.

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