Saturday, September 16, 2006

This past week...

So this past week a family member was in a motorcycle accident, he's okay enough to be at home now. Anyways, I got some knitting done in the Hospital and worked out a lace pattern that I love. Here's a picture of the 2x2 ribbed scarf I've been working on. It's used up 3 balls but I think it'll be a better length once the 4th is done. The yarn is Debbie Bliss Merino chunky. I bought a bag of it at a LYS at a great price though I didn't know at the time what I'd do with it. I've since found the same yarn on sale at Elann. They have several different colors to work with - I see several scarves in my future!

On another front, my cat Kiki has taken it in her head that the sock basket is a great place to find things to carry around and meow with. She constantly has a sock in her mouth and walks around the apartment leaving them like presents for my husband and I to find. I don't mind the present part, but I have to draw the line at the loud meowing that goes on at any time of the day or night! She can wake you out of a dead sleep, even if you're wearing earplugs!

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Kristy said...

Your scarf is really pretty! I love the color. That yarn is so soft and cozy.

Thank you for signing up to knit a square or two for Laurie's grandmother's blanket!