Sunday, September 09, 2007

FO's, makeshift swift and football!

So, today was the first regular season Seahawk game, Go Hawks!

My DH had a few friends over and I was able to get in some knitting/crocheting time. I was able to finish the crocheted poncho I began 1.5 years ago. As I washed it by hand a ton of green/brownish dye came out into the water. I was just hoping that wouldn't muddy the other bright colors in it. Luckily it stayed fairly bright!. It also grew about 4 inches in length, not too surprising since it's cotton.
I also mostly complete the Lorna's Lace poncho from the previous post. It turned out a bit too large and instead of frogging it, I'm going to try to weave in several black elastic threads through the top 2x2 ribbing. It hangs a bit low. If this doesn't work, I'm going to pick up the edge of the ribbing and crochet around it. This will keep it from being too stretchy.

I have also spent some time looking at the new fall yarns over at webs ( and found a few I hadn't heard of, but just love the color ways! One of them, Marisol Hacho, seems to be from South America(Peru). I can't seem to stop looking at Tutti Fruti-300,Coral Reef-303 and Northern Nights-307. The intensity of color is eye catching!

I also started attending a new knitting group in my area. They meet at a local Star***ks that is very close to my home. Since they all seem to be avid sock knitters I hope their experience will rub off on me! I still haven't completed a single sock, I always rip it out as I'm never satisfied. To help keep my interest in sock knitting, I've ordered some of the new KnitPicks Harmony multi-colored wood needles. Hey.... I had to have an excuse! You all know I don't *need* them at all! Aren't they just beautiful! They're like a rainbow!

They are similar to another brand I've seen but couldn't afford. Since they're interchangeable with my existing KP Options metal set I couldn't resist trying some of them out. If I like what I feel I'll purchase a few more of the fixed and the sizes I mostly use in the tips. I hope that I can knit the Seasilk more easily with them.

I still haven't seemed to sew anything this weekend either. I did however hyperextend my left leg and my knee isn't too happy, t's a bit puffy and painful. To top things off, I somehow manged to hurt my lower back too.. so... I'm not too happy of a camper right now.

ta ta..

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Anonymous said...

must be something in the water. . . my other swap pal just bought those same needles!