Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Is it really cheating to go to a different knitting group?

I went to a different knitting group this past Monday night and it felt like I was cheating. I usually attend a group that meets close to my work, however because it was MLK Jr Day we had the day off. This gave me the chance to meet up with people from another knitting list I belong to. Boy of Boy what a change. Don't get me wrong I like my original group, but wow what a difference. This new group meets at a "cafe" which really has a great bar and good food. We sit in a back room and talk up a storm, share projects and chat about movies, patterns and blogs. I loved it! I will certainly make and effort to visit with these gals again!

I also was able to go to The Fiber Gallery, near Woodland Park zoo. This is a great place to buy yarn. The people were so friendly and understanding about my indecisiveness! I do have some yarn on order so technically I didn't leave without making a purchase... okay it's an intended purchase. I can't want to be called to pick up the yarn. It's RYC Cashsoft Aran in Burst. Burst is a dark coral-ish shade. It's so yummy soft too!

I think I'll buy some more, in sale colors at Yarn.com. On another note, it's still snowy here in Seattle. We were the lucky recipients of approximately 1 inch on our balcony.

Somewhere along the way yesterday I wrenched my neck, and its hurts. I called in sick to work because I can barely turn my head let alone pick anything up heavier than my yarn bag. Since I've had some great couch time along with my trusted heating pad, I was able to complete the GOD DAMNED LEG WARMERS. I just love how they turned out, don't you!

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