Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sea Silk and cables!

I finally took the plunge and started a project with Cables. It's a small project, and yes there are some mistakes. I'm sure the recipient will not care, Molly is good that way!

Also, my local yarn shop told me they were going to be getting in an order of Sea Silk, of course I got on the list! They called Thursday afternoon, and I had my much appreciated husband drove me there to pick some up. I came home with two skeins. They're darker than I envisioned my first purchase of this yarn would be. It's still very nice though. There are browns/blues/purplish tones along with bright green that mellows down along the way. I plan on making a shawl from Wrap Style, the Shetland Triangle. If I have enough I'm going to make it larger than the pattern calls for.
I've also decided to go on a modified yarn diet. I resolve not to buy single skeins anymore. I have to have a good idea what project I want to make and buy enough yarn for it at one time. Now, this doesn't apply to socks, hat, scarf projects. I will be attending the Madrona Fiber Arts this month and plan on taking 150 or so with me to spend on yarn.

Now, this is of course with 6 sweater projects researched and several accessories picked out. I've also got a list of projects for "other people". So far I'm doing a ME ME ME ME list first.

For me:

1. Aysmmetrical Cardigan, Knitting Nature, bulky yarn
2. U-neck sweater, Knitting Nature, DK yarn size 4 & 6 needles 22 st x 30 rows, dk weight
3. Poppy, Yarn Play, 11 skeins Silk Garden for the top and 9 skeins Cash Iroha for the bottom.
4. Sienna - Interweave Knits Fall 06, Suggested Blue Sky Alpaca worsted hand dyed (100yd/skein) 13 required for my size, 16 st x 22 rows
5. Ogee, Knitting Nature, Suggested yarn Filatra di Crosa Zara, 23 sts x 32 rows 137 yrs per ball 16 balls for a 48" bust. I'll need to make it 3 inches larger.
6. Glee, Zephyrstyle, in progress.
7. Something Red, KnitandTonic, have the yarn and pattern. I need to cast on!


1. Calometry - head wrap from Knitty.
2. DIY tote - have pattern got some some misc site or book, can't remember.
3. Fetching -, fingerless gloves. make slightly longer than pattern calls for so 2 balls of Cashmerino Aran or Cash yarn from

For others:

1. Huskies crocheted blanket, for Lyle. It's been in progress since spring of 06.
2. A sweater for my best friend Martha. I haven't decided on the pattern or yarn.
3. Grandma's sweater.
4. Lyle's fingerless gloves in Lambs Pride in a Dark Blue.
5. Hat for Michelle
6. Mittens - just for fun.
7. baby booties
8. Surprise baby jacket by E. Zimmermann.
9. Sunflower Tam, Knitting Nature.

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Midnight2sticks said...

Looks gorgeous-you are so organized-maybe its time for me to rethink my organization (yarn in shopping bags, on floor)scheme!