Saturday, August 18, 2007

Answers for my new Secret Pal

This afternoon I was very pleasantly surprised by a nice card in the mail from my new SP. She asked a few questions... here are the answers!

1. I enjoy all natural fibers. I haven't worked with Bamboo or Tencel yet and would like to.

. I drink both coffee and tea. I prefer organic medium to dark roasts for coffee and black tea blends. I usually drink Earl Grey or Darjeeling tea. I'm usually not into the fruity teas.

3. When it comes to books, I do have a few wish lists. I'll make them all public. Look to the link on the right hand side of my page. It'll show the main list and then once on Amazon you'll see the other lists that I have. It's too difficult to list the sci-fi / trashy romance I read, as I have so many and check quite a few out from the library.

4. I have three cats, Kiki who is approximately 10, Simon who is about 5 and l'il bitty who is around 3. Kiki is the talker of the bunch, the other two are quite. Kiki is a treat fiend, Simon only likes cat food and 'bitty will ea
t just about anything!

5. When I quilt I usually make bed sized ones. However, I have been known to make baby/child quilts. Due to
my fiber obsession I haven't purchased much fabric in the past 1.5 years. The collections I really like that are out now are:

Bleeker Street, pictures at Hancocks Paduchas It's mostly blues/greens/browns/creams.

Fall Back in Time by Sandy Gervais for Moda Fabrics picture here at FatQuaterShop I would specifically like the "Cream Large Floral Yardage" & the "Moss Geometric". These colors are perfect for my new place. I plan on purchasing enough to make a quite eventually. So anything else would be good for pillows etc. The charm packs are great too!
The Thimble Blossom Quilt Patterns are quite lovely as well.

6. Sadly, I never got around to purchasing the yarn or making ANY pillows for the new place yet. My darling husband just can't agree on colors and it's really ticking me off!** See the above fabric though.. he seems to like it!***

What we painted the largest wall in our living room, this great reddish orange color. The rest of our unit is mostly beige and white. See how that fabric matches? It's actually gotten a stamp of approval!! I think I see pigs flying
outside my window!

7. It's difficult to say which room is my favorite, I liked them all well enough to purchase the place after all! However, I just love the view of the lawn and trees from my front room. We've hung up two bird feeders and boy oh boy are they used by the local birds! Mostly we see wild finches. We were very lucky to see one of these at our feeder. It's an American Goldfinch. The yellow lilies have dropped all their blooms and the other flowers have taken over. I plan on planting 2-3 other varieties of lilies during the fall as they do well here. As well as some other plants that have reddish leaves etc. Like Heuchera

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Incognito Knitter said...

Yay! I'm glad the mail worked :-) Thanks for the answers. . . now, off to thinking up my packages!