Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Secret Pal updates!

I'm still waiting for the last package from the previous round of SP. Apparently it was mailed and never got here, so a 2nd package was sent in it's place. It should show up this week.... I'm just so excited. I've also just received my new pals information and once she has her questionaire up I'll begin working on a package for her. She's a Christian and makes no bones about it. I just hope she's okay receiving gifts from someone who really doesn't believe in God.

I'm feeling very fiber obsessed at the moment. I just finished up a podcast from knitpicks where they discuss the different breeds of sheep, their fleece and how you determine what type of project the resulting yarn should be used for. It was very interesting hearing how the length and crimp really matter when determining if it's an against the skin or an outterwear item.

The vest thing I mentioned is coming along nicly too. It's grown about 2 ft since I last posted. Pictures to be posted soon!

Oh, and I won a bag of Mission Falls 1824 wool yarn off ebay. The color is Nectar. The color wasn't really what I expected so I'm going to have to overdye it. I'm thinking more redish or perhaps try for a brownish shade. That will have to wait until next week as I really don't have the space to do it with house guests over.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed, its on its way via UPS this time so I can track it at each stop!
I couldn't find and replace everything that went lost in the first package, but I did my best to make it similar!