Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The UPS man is my new favorite person!

So, I'm sitting on my rear watching a program off my TIVO and I hear this little 'tap tap tap'... turns out the UPS man, at 8:45 at night, had the replacement package my SP10 pal sent out.

I just love everything in it!

I can't wait to make the socks and the baby pattern! The hat has ears on it!!

Did you know youtube has knitting content! It's sucking me in!


Anonymous said...

Hi Charity - It's your SP11 pal. I just sent you an email and it got returned. Is your server down or did you change your address? Please email me with how to contact you!

Anonymous said...

yup. . . i tried your email twice, so please send me a note and let me know what's up.

your sp11 :-)

Chris said...

Pretty things, hope you get to knit up something nice soon.
So glad I made your day! Your shawl has come in useful, I must say. At least you know with the blood, sweat and tears to find time to knit it that it isn't just stuck in a drawer.
The merino is spinning up lovely, pity I have so little time to spin!
Hope you enjoy SP11!